God Mod


sep 13, 2020
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God Mod

Enige manier om het god panel te openen is door [SHIFT] + G in te drukken.


  • Terrains: you need to chose a Terrain and then a plot (and an edge if river or cliff), need to reload the game to see terrain (to see what you are doing you should look the minimap or in strategy view)
  • Features:¬†you need to chose a Feature and then a plot , Wonders won't work for me and surely for you, volcanoes need reload
  • Resources: you need to chose a Resource and then a plot, "amount" is a lua argument, I don't know what is it but I let you try.
  • Improvements: you need to chose an improvements and then a plot, only restriction is that the plot need to be owned (yes you can build underwater or on mountain very recommended)
  • Buildings/ wonder/ districts: you need to chose a building and then a city or a plot for districts, only restriction is that the plot need to be owned for district, building need their districts and wonders need their required location and can't be built twice (even if you destroyed the first)
  • Overige
    • you choose players and then what you want to do
    • you can build and manage cities of any player (even barbarians and free city)
    • you can even play as barbarian and destroy everything (you can really pillage anything as barbarians)

if you want to reveal the map you need to do that:
the command is "Reveal All"

this mod should be compatible with any mod and any screen resolution


Support: https://forums.civfanatics.com/resources/god-mod.27453/

Door Chris